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BB15 Live Feed Work Around for Canadians

Confirmed Fix:

  1. Sign up using the address of a US friend or family Member through HamsterWatch.com
  2. You can use your own Canadian Credit Card, it will work fine.
  3. Use a service like http://HideMyAss.com OR You can also try Hola Unblocker add-on for your browser. Works for US Netflix Too and it's FREE. http://hola.org/ thanks @Timmeroo
I do HIGHLY recommend Hide My Ass! It's $12/mth so as a Canadian you will be paying a bit more for the Live Feeds, but it's much better than using a 3rd party site that streams the feed in low quality for you. You will have all the access of people in the US to all of the features of the live feeds, fan chat, houseguest interaction, etc, etc.

This will allow you to access the full feeds and features on CBS.com for not much more money. Worth it. Thanks CBS, and thanks to everyone who helped find a solution for Canadians.


Added Fix for VPN not Working
Instructions to get around the new CBS block, still need your VPN but here it is: 

Follow the instructions Jokers posted, and it will resolve your issue if done properly.

Access Live Feeds in Canada on iPhone/iPad!

  1. Install an app from the appstore called "VPN One Click". Free for 7 day's $1.99/mth After That
  2. Run the app, and follow the instructions to activate the VPN Settings
  3. Go to your VPN settings on your iphone, scroll to the bottom, and activate a USA Profile.
  4. Access the Live Feeds on CBS.com from your iPhon/iPad