What's New: CLOSED


So I felt bad initially, my Mom pointed out Emmett's possible cheating, I mentioned it on twitter, and hell broke loose. (It was on Facebook first apparently, I just broke it on Twitter, didn't know it was on Facebook) #EmmettCheated started trending on twitter, Big Brother Canada took notice and the feeds went dead with no updates for a full day!

Well, the feeds just came back up! Emmett was stripped of his HoH for cheating, and the competition was replayed. Gary won, and is the new HoH!! And all cheaters in the HoH comp including Emmett are Have-Nots! (Jillian, Talla, Emmett, Alec)

I don't feel bad anymore, the fans made the right call raising hell, and Gary, on behalf of myself, and all of Twitter, and Facebook you're welcome. Use your power wisely! We all love you and are behind you 100% (Except when you talk about Kat being a bully, and not liking gays. That makes no sense Gary, really now) in the words of your bestie, Danielle Alexander: "I'm so fucking happy!"

Enjoy your reign Queen Zoe, make a big move, your finally safe for a week!

EDIT: I'm not saying I 100% broke it first, it can't be proven, if I did, awesome, if I didn't, still awesome, the point is he cheated, people noticed, and Big Brother listened and did the right thing. If you don't like it, or think its my fault, take it up with Big Brother.