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Big Brother Canada Season 2 Exit Interview | Sarah Miller

Today I was fortunate enough to have a chance to talk with Sarah, 6th Evicted houseguest of Big Brother Canada Season 2.

Mumsie was definitely a fan favourite, she was entertaining to watch, and Kenny's closest ally in the house. Personally I'm extremely disappointed to see either of the go, the house will be far less entertaining without you.

On the upside, I'm glad Sarah got out before Jury so she can spend time with her kids, and I'm glad, for her sake, that Kenny left behind her to be a solid support system. It's important to have, and these two will absolutely help each other get through this outside of the game.

Heyyyyy Mumsie! Awww I'm so sad!

Ahhhh! I LOVE that you called me that! I am too!

What would you say had the largest impact on your demise in the game? Flipping on the girls to evict Paul, or Canada winning HoH and targeting the First5?

Ummm, I think it was a combination of those 2, but mostly the fact that I wouldn't turn on Kenny when Jon and Arlie made it clear that they were going after him.

Explain to me a little bit more about what was going through your mind as you heard / watched Ika in that backyard, and listened in on her while she destroyed peoples letters from home. You seemed to be the only person, at the time, who understood her decision, and also the person who wanted it the most.

Yeah I wanted that so bad, when I saw that that letter was my little sisters letter, I just... I would have given ANYTHING to get my hands on that letter, I really needed that push from home, but you know at the same time, I'm able to think logically, and the fact that in Ika's position, it just didn't make sense. The way she went through each person, and took her time trying to figure out, "is this REALLY gonna make a difference?" and in the end, the answer's no. It really wouldn't have made a difference. It might have made a nice impact on the house, but she still would have been out the door.

Do you think at this point that Arlie really has a chance to win the game, or do you think that the rest of the house is smart enough to take him out sooner rather than later, and he's just sort of a smokescreen for them right now?

I hope that he is smart enough to worm himself out of this situation, and I believe with everything I'm hearing that he is. So I truly believe that he has a great chance of making it to the end.

Well if it helps, your little sister has been on Twitter, she's been a huge support for you, and she's awesome, so there's that.

Awwww! I LOVE HER!

That's all the time we had this morning for the Mumsie with the Onesie, but I will do everything in my power to get these two on BBCanadaInsider LIVE! together for an awesome 1 hour fan QA. Stay tuned for details on that!

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Big Brother Canada Season 2 Exit Interview | Kenny Brain

First of all.. *Clears Throat*... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! WHYYYYYYY?! I'm so upset at this whole thing! 
Kenny was my absolute favourite player in that house, no question, regardless of other people's opinions. Did he say things he shouldn't have said? Welcome to Big Brother. I don't know about you, but I'm here for the entertainment, and two solid sources of entertainment went home last night. I'm not okay with that. #FearTheBeard.
Kenny was an insperation to a lot of people, and personally I just think he's a great guy. I can't wait to meet him, and just chill. I couldn't be more upset that he left, and left before Jury nonetheless. 
Either way, here is my brief eviction interview with Kenny Brain:


- Hahahaha, that's AWESOME!! Hey Treasure!

First of all I am in MOURNING Still! I'm having a hard time with this.

- Imagine how I feel! Haha

Coming out to the house, you told everyone exactly what your strategy was as well, to be able to flirt with the females. Do you think this could have worked more in your favour had you left the strategy part out, and just said maybe, you were too nervous to tell them based on how they may react?

Actually, no. I feel like at that point it had no bearing whatsoever, I know the lines were so clearly drawn in the sand at this point, and the sides were clearly visible, so that factor of me, and my life and my game, held no bearing whatsoever in the game. So that's why it was the opportune moment to tell everybody about it, without it effecting my game.

So if anything, I think being completely open and honest with them, sort of took away the bitterness of them coming up against me, and I felt that COULD possibly help me, but lying in the same breath as me being honest, I feel wouldn't have.

Now in the moment between both of the evictions, Allison came up to you in the storage room and said; "You have to win. They're going to backdoor you. They have a way to stop you from playing in Veto, do you hear me? Do not tell the girls, they need to know that I'm with the other side for now. I have you, okay?" How did you feel when she said that? Was that something you expected to hear from her, or did you think she was fully on the other side?

Honestly, no. I never, ever thought that Allison was fully on the other side, I feel like she was doing what she had to do to stay in the game, and that was flipping to the other side. I hold no grudges whatsoever, it was a smart move on her part.

I feel like her telling me about all this, was her plea to PLEASE do your best to stay in this game, cause I wanna work with you! And if that was a little off the mark, it was probably just her buttering me up for me potentially being in the Jury, so I'd have a nice taste in my mouth for Allison if I was gonna be there in Jury, for voting for her. But in the moment I just felt gratitude towards her, honestly, because I know my biggest ally in the game was just voted out, you know, obviously I wasn't taking it very well (laughs) so it was nice to kind of have an outreach from Allison.

Now I don't know if you know this, but what she was referring to is Adel's power. He had the power to remove anyone randomly selected from playing in the PoV competition, and replace them with anyone else (Kenny: "WOW!), so there was really no way for you to NOT get backdoored. Knowing that, how do you feel about the situation now?

Ha! Well, actually... I'm just finding this out right now.. Sooo.... um... yeah (laughs). Well now I feel a little bit better, because I thought the pick was my only saving grace, and the fact that when I never got picked, I was like; "Are you KIDDING me?!" It was my only hope. I knew I was going home when I never got picked, but now I kind of feel a little bit better, so thanks for that! (laughs)

HAHA! Well, I'm glad I could make you feel a little bit better!

Meeee too, actually! (Laughs)

That's all the time I had for today. If you wanna listen to a podcast version of this interview, one will be up later today. I wish both Kenny & Sarah all the best, and big shout out to his friends and family this year who have been awesome support for Kenny, and a lot of fun to chat with!

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BBFanChat Draft Standings | Week 6

The sixth full week of Big Brother Canada Season 2 has now come and gone, and with that yet again, so have more draft points, ESPECIALLY with a Double Eviction. Though some of you are doing quite well. The following is a list of the top 10 people currently in our draft, in order. For a full list of people see the full spreadsheet by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. Everything has changed!

Note: We DID Award points for Allison finding the secret PoV +2 Points just like winning a normal PoV.

Your Place in the Draft is Determined By Total Number of Points, and Who Submitted Their Picks First:

10. @WalderSports +2 Points 
09. @AvonClark +2 Points
08. @CR416_D4V15 +3 Points
07. @Carjcomtois +3 Points 
06. @Nathan1027 +5 Points
05. @Marquez042 +6 Points
04. @Ryan_Boosh +6 Points
03. @Jaredaubin4 +6 Points
02. @LizzieM979 +6 Points
01. @Timmeroo +7 Points

Our Personal Standings:

02. @Bmcooney -5 Points
01. @KitiaraScott -4 Points

How Adel's Not So Secret Power Works

There seems to be a lot of confusion online as to how Adel's Veto Card works, so I'm gonna break it down for you with some lovely help from Arisa Cox, she's my boo.

Adel won this power when Canada voted him as being the most buzzworthy HG. Since then, it's never been 100% clear how it works.

How Adel's Power Works:
  • Adel is able to use his Power to switch out a player in the PoV competition.
  • He is NOT allowed to remove a Nominee or the HoH. He can only switch out one of the 3 randomly selected players.
  • For example. If Kenny is chosen to play in the PoV competition, and the plan is to backdoor him, Adel could swap him out with another person who he knows won't help Kenny, and thus prevent him from winning the PoV and saving himself
  • Adel does NOT have to be the replacement player. Adel could take Kenny out of the game, and replace him with Jon, Neda, Arlie, whoever. It does NOT have to be himself.
  • It's only good until final 6, at which point there's no one left to switch out. Everyone plays.

Hopefully this clears things up a little bit. Basically to dumb it down. He can use it to remove a randomly selected player in the PoV competition, and replace them with anyone else who isn't playing in that competition.  He only has a limited amount of time to use it. It is not good all season.

The image I used in this article is not my own. I googled it, and it was originally posted by Big Brother Network. They are awesome, please feel free to check them out.

The Scarlet PoV & How It Works

On last nights Big Brother Canada episode, we got confirmation that Allison won the Secret PoV Canada unleashed on the house by boosting the meter.

Hidden beneath the floor in the War Room, as I predicted. Allison checked out some new flowers in the house, and in doing so found a clue. Following a series of riddles hidden throughout the house, she was led to the door behind that stairs, and told how to open it.

After successfully unlocking the door, Allison was back in the War Room, where she was given a final clue by Arisa Cox.

We know Allison spent quite some time in there looking for it, but did eventually find it by tapping 3 times on the floor vent, and the Scarlet PoV rose out of the floor some mother fucking Indiana Jones shit. It was bad ass.
Here is, verbatim, what Arisa said to Allison after finding the Scarlet PoV:
"Congratulations! You found the Secret Power of Veto! Listen Carefully. This PoV is good for 3 nomination ceremonies, AND it can even be used AFTER the regular Power of Veto. Telling another houseguest about your secret power, or EVEN this Secret Room, will result in an Instant Eviction. Yours." 
So here's how it works:
  • This is a normal Power of Veto. She can save one nominee from eviction. But cannot choose the replacement nominee.
  • This is good for 3 Nomination Ceremonies. Not 3 Weeks. Her on the block with Kenny counts as one, Tonight's Double Eviction counts as 1 as well. She only has Tonight, and Next Thursday to use it as confirmed by @ArisaCox on Twitter.
  • It's Scarlet... So It's instantly bad ass.
  • She can use the PoV even AFTER the regular PoV has been used. But it has to be DURING the PoV ceremony.
  • It has a lock on it instead of a power symbol.
That's pretty much it. What do you guys think about this new PoV? Would you like to see it be a regular twist that Big Brother Canada does? Should Scarlet PoV make a return in another season? Let me know in the comments below or by tweeting me @Bmcooney!

Big Brother Canada Season 2 Exit Interview | Andrew Gordon

Last night by a vote of 7-2, Andrew Gordon became the 5th person to be evicted from the Big Brother Canada | Season 2 House. He was a controversial player, most didn't like him, his game-play, or his showmance, and this morning I had the opportunity to speak with him via telephone, and ask some of the fans biggest questions.

It's obvious at this point that the majority of Canada weren't big Gordo fans, and in turn you've been evicted because of it. Now that you've sort of had some time to mull things over, what do you think it was that rubbed everyone the wrong way, and is there anything you feel you could have done different in retrospect?

- Well, you know, I think that that's one way that you can look at it, for sure. That Canada wasn't big fans of me, but you know, I was playing a game with the First Five, that, uhh, may have been looked at as a threat, and you know, maybe a force. So, there's different angles to look at it from. (No there's not, I like you, Andrew. But you're gone because most people didn't)

A lot of people in the first 5 alliance said they felt it was time for Sabrina to leave, a lot of people in the house said they were onto her lies and manipulation. That being the case, why do you think the house chose to keep her in the game over yourself?

- Well, I don't wanna sound cocky or conceded, but I think that maybe I posed a bigger threat to the rest of the house than she possibly did. I think the game's boiled down to a point where social relationships aren't playing as much a part as competitions. So they may have seen me as a powerhouse in that regard, or a larger threat than Sabrina, and maybe they liked her more than I did, right? If they weren't big fans of Gordo to begin with. (For context I think he meant, "Liked her more than they liked me")

You and Heather had somewhat of a dispute over her picking Adel to play in the PoV when you had asked her to pick Kenny. Do you actually believe she owed it to you to pick Kenny for YOUR game, when she's clearly playing to better her own game, and win the money for herself, like everyone else in the house?

- No, absolutely not. Nobody owes me anything for my game, or anything at all. I would never look at in that light. I just think that, you know, I was banking on the fact that, you know, she would go in my direction, I was upset that she didn't, I reacted in an emotional way, because it's an emotional situation to be in when you're nominated by your country, and you're facing eviction if things don't go your way. 

Personally I was, and am a big fan of the first 5 alliance. Kenny is one of my favourite players, regardless of the hate I get for it, haha. My goal on twitter this week was to get Canada to nominate Sabrina and Andrew NOT because I wanted them gone, but because there was no way to convince people NOT to put up 2 people in the first 5, or NOT to put up Andrew, so my only hope was convincing people not to put up Kenny next to him. It was the best chance for Kenny to be safe, and for everyone in the First 5 to stay safe had Kenny been picked to play in the PoV. 

I'm always one to root for the underdogs, but this year I feel strongly towards the power alliance in the house, who are now quickly becoming the underdogs. It's weird for me too, but let's see how this plays out.

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BBFanChat Draft Standings | Week 4

The fourth full week of Big Brother Canada Season 2 has now come and gone, and with that yet again, so have more draft points. Though some of you, are doing quite well. The following is a list of the top 10 people currently in our draft, in order. For a full list of people see the full spreadsheet by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.

Your Place in the Draft is Determined By Total Number of Points, and Who Submitted Their Picks First:

10. @NotFirsakend +4 Points 
09. @Alexbajc +4 Points
08. @Boojess123 +5 Points
07. @Seraphim121 +5 Points 
06. @RonnieTalbott +5 Points
05. @AvonClark +5 Points
04. @Charger543 +7 Points
03. @BB_Prncss +7 Points
02. @Catvanzyl +7 Points
01. @Jiggernauts +7 Points

Our Personal Standings:

02. @KitiaraScott -3 Points
01. @Bmcooney +7 Points