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BBFanChat Official Apology & Explination

Hello Twitter Followers, Neda, Jon, and Big Brother Canada!

As I am sure every one of you is aware, on Sunday night we had our usual episode of BBFanChat. Our guests were Kyle Shore of Season 2, and Janelle.

Prior to the show, yes of course I was aware controversial topics were going to come up, and it wasn't just going to be a chat about Big Brother 16, like it usually is. Did I expect it to be exactly what it ended up being? No.

To kick things off we had an unexpected guest, who was drunk and definitely said things he shouldn't have said. He knows he shouldn't have said them, and I know I should have dealt with it when it happened on the show, instead of laughing, brushing it off, and moving on. It's a lot more difficult to control when something's live. Regardless of my feelings towards any of the Houseguests, no one deserves to be defamed and belittled by anyone, and as it is my webshow, that is my responsibility, and I do greatly apologize for it.

As for the comments made by Kyle or Janelle, those are strictly their opinions, and they are responsible for those statements. Kyle is definitely someone I consider a friend, he had things he wanted to say, and I had a platform it could be said on. That being said, it WAS my platform, so I must accept some responsibility for the show itself.

I can address my own statements. I definitely made statements claiming that I didn't like Neda's Houseguest Hangout. I don't. I find it bland, and boring. That is just my personal opinion. People watch it, that's fine. I don't, again, personal opinion. I'm sorry if that's offensive.

I also stated my distaste for Neda regarding standing me up and ignoring my requests to do an episode of my show. I was definitely pissed off and bitter about it. Those of you saying that on twitter, would be correct. I was a huge Neda supporter the entire game. She was a super fan, she knew her shit about the show, and she was one of us, from Twitter. That doesnt happen often.

Then I meet her, I interview her, she shouts me out, says hi, that she follows me, watches my show, and would love to be on it. As a Neda fan, and Big Brother fan, that was a huge fangirl moment for me. It meant the world. I said on twitter I had spoken to her about it, and it would be happening. Then I tried to actually set it up a number of times, and was ignored, and let down.

It was disappointing for me, and for my followers. To be such a huge supporter of someone, to get that recognition from someone who just got out of the house, and then be ignored was a HUGE let down, and bugged me a lot. Regardless of how many Houseguests I meet or get know, interview, or chat with on my show, I'm still a fan like you guys at heart, and it bugged me.

That being said, in turn, I got caught up in the heat of the conversation, and took that anger out on a forum I shouldn't have. I said things I shouldn't have said, and I don't know how else to apologize.

This is not a cop-out, this is not me being "asshole' me on twitter or my shows, this is just me being straight up and real with you. Not Bmcooney, the BB fan with a website, just straight up me.

Anyone who says they've never been pissed off and lashed out out of bitterness or anger is lying, we've all been there, mine was just in a public forum, which makes it worse. Sometimes it's easy to forget that there's a lot of people watching you get pissed off, and a lot of people who are gonna talk about it, not an excuse, it still should not have happened.

Do I expect any single one of you to just sweep it under the rug, and pretend like it's all cool? Nope. What's done is done, people will hate me for it, and probably hate me for writing this too, but that's fine. I will continue to do WebShows, and I will continue to blog about Big Brother Canada, and I hope that eventually you will be there to enjoy Season 3 with me, and Big Brother Canada will allow me to continue my Houseguest Interviews.

For those wondering, at the request of a number of people, the video has been taken off of Youtube.

If you read all this without rolling your eyes and closing it, thanks!

BB16 Launch Recap & Review


FINALLY! The wait is over for Big Brother 16! For the first time ever we had a 2 night launch, with houseguests moving in in 2 different groups, on 2 seperate nights.

Night one we saw Amber, Paola, Cody, Donny, Frankie, Devin, Joey, & Nicole move into the house. Those first 8 HGs then competed in the first HoH competition, and were told ahead of time that the HoH isn't necessarily safe from eviction.

HGs were taken to the backyard where the competed in the recycled GM Hair-dye competition. After a valiant effort, Frankie became the first HoH. Houseguests were then informed 8 more people were moving into the house and one of them would ALSO be HoH. We were told we'd find out more on the 2nd show (tonight).

At the very end of the episode we were told how the Team America twist would work. We were asked to vote for the HG we would most want to align with. The person who won that vote will become the first of 3 people to enter a secret alliance that is controlled by US, the public / #TeamAmerica. FUUUUUCK YEAH. COME AGAIN TO SAVE THE MOTHERFUCKIN GAME YEAH!

This is a BAD ASS twist, obviously Frankie will be one of the three, and I have a feeling the other 2 will be Christine and Zach. We shall see.

The best DR sessions of the night were definitely Donny's. He is fucking hilarious and I cannot wait to see more of him. Paola and Frankie just got boners for Cody, and that was basically that. Nicole was kind of funny too.


Our second group of eight HGs finally join the game. Caleb, Christine, Zach, Hayden, Victoria, Jocasta, Derrick, and Brittany. They start mingling with other HGs, and right off the bat Zach can't keep his mouth shut and starts running it to Frankie. Way to go mastermind!

The second group of 8 begin playing in their HoH competition. They have to hold on to a skewer like a roasting big, and rotate over a "BBQ Pit". Last one hanging on wins. It came down to Caleb and Hayden. Hayden finally drops, and Caleb becomes the 2nd HoH.

Julie explains to the house exactly how this is going to work. Each week we will have TWO HoH's. They will each nominate 2 people for a total of 4 nominees. The two people HoH1 nominates will face off in The Battle of the Block against the 2 people HoH2 nominates. The winning team gets safety for the week, and the HoH who put them up becomes eligible for nomination, and goes back to being a standard HG.

That being said would you WANT to risk it and win HoH? How is this gonna change people's strategies? Will we still have a PoV competition? WHO IS ERIC CARTMAN'S FATHER? So many unanswered questions.

Lastly, Julie announces the first member of the Team America (FUUCK YEAH) Alliance. The person who received the highest number of votes in the poll on Wait.... JOEY? Huh? Are we on Punk'd? It wasn't Christine? The fan fave? or Frankie? The tween fave? What happened? Oh well, it should be interesting. For each successful task a member of Team America completes, they will win $5,000! FUCKING SWEET! It's also up to the HG if the keep the alliance a secret! Who do you think will join her? Do you think it will be Frankie or Christine? How do you think it will effect their game? WHO IS ERIC CARTMAN'S FATHER? Who fucking knows, but Live feeds start tonight, and more information will soon be revealed!

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Letter to Fans & Family | Ending The Caleb Controversy

Guy's when people start attacking family members of HG's it has gone too far.

The Caleb controversy began when a video was tweeted of Caleb beating a wild hog to death with a stick. Hunting to feed your family is one thing, beating something to death with a stick for fun, and then bragging about it is another thing. It might be acceptable in your area, or family, but most people would frown upon that.

Then screencaps from Caleb's instagram account were leaked where he can be seen telling people he hates anyone who supports "faggots" and refers to Obama as a "Muslim Monkey" which is super racist and homophobic. Below I'm going to address both Caleb's family and the fans.

Caleb's Family,

First of all congratulations, Caleb being cast must be extremely exciting for you, recent events are unfortunate. The way you're dealing with it is also unfortunate. You need to understand that those comments weren't okay, and that it bothered people. He's on national television, opinions are going to be formed and voiced.

You need to play this game for him, as much as he does. America's vote plays a huge part, and at some point , he's gonna need those votes. Even if you don't want to, for Caleb's game, it's best if you ignore the hater's and just kill fans with Kindness, give them a different impression, and show the good parts. Arguing with everyone, and spamming people with tweets is only gonna make the situation worse, and it CAN impact his game inside the house.

Fans should NOT be harassing you, and should not be threatening you or your family. That is NOT okay. If people are making serious threats about you and are harassing you non-stop block them, and if they continue, contact you at home, etc, file a police report. But responding is only going to make it worse, fan's can be fucking insane.

There is an awesome letter to HG family member's by a former HG's family member on - It's going to help you a LOT this summer, please read it, it's gonna make your live's a lot easier.

Note: Tweeting a picture of Caleb with black people, doesn't make his comments not racist.


What the fuck? I get it, it's fucked up. You can voice your opinions, that's cool. And for the most part you're all good people and that's all you do. Don't vote for him if you don't like him, but do NOT harass his family. It's already hard on a family when their kid or whoever goes on Big Brother for 3 months WITHOUT harassment. You're not helping. Do not threaten them, do not contact their jobs, do not contact their families, or call their homes, and definitely do NOT threaten their lives.

If you don't like what you see, tweet it. If people are sending you angry tweets, block them. We don't need a repeat of BB15, we haven't seen him in the house, and you don't have to like the things he's done or said outside the house, but it's a fucking TV show. Knock it off.

I have tweeted the video, I have retweeted the instagram, I have voiced my distaste, he's still gonna play the game, it's done. it's over. Leave his poor family alone, they haven't done anything. Drop it like it's hot.You don't have to like or support him, and you don't have to harass anyone. Judge him, don't judge him, but don't fuck with his family. You don't have to be okay with what he's done or said, and you can voice that opinion as long as you want, but there's a point where it's too far.

That is all I have to say on the topic. I hope this is the end of it. The show premiers in 3 days, and it's gonna be AWESOME. Let's just enjoy it, and have an awesome Summer.

- Brendan

Big Brother 16 Cast Reveal

FINALLY - Finally we have some information about this cast. Rumors have been swirling for a while now. Is is Blood vs Water? All New People? Redemption? All-Stars 2? Some weird mixture of Vets and Noobs? why are there 2 Memory Walls?

Here's one thing we now DEFINITELY know. Big Brother Network interviewed  ALL NEW Houseguests, and we have the interviews (with permission) below.

I still have questions. So many. But this is a good fucking start!

Big Brother 16 House Tour - HD Video

Let's just get right to it. Urban Fucking Treehouse? KAY. People either LOVE this house, or absolutely HATE it. I'm on the hate train for now. It looks like they spent their budget on the new memory walls, and then got their furniture and decorations from Yard Sales or Grodner's basement.

Regardless a full HD version of the House Tour can be watched here:

That's the official press release version from CBS. I'm not huge on the new house, that's no secret. There are some themes I really like. I like the Ice Room, and I love the "Earth Room" - I'm always a fan of playing with elements. The Tree House is stupid though...

Big Brother 16 Twist Reveal

So this morning on the talk Julie Chen announced the main twist for this season of Big Brother. We didn't get a LOT of details, so I'll give some speculation and theories below.

First, here's the announcement:

So, what does that mean? First I'll give you my theory.

There are two teams. Blank vs Blank. You can fill them in. Someone on each team wins HoH, and nominates two people for eviction from the other team. Both teams then compete in Battle of the Block. The winning team comes off the chopping block, and the HoH of the losing team, goes up for eviction with his/her other two nominated team members. This makes for a total of 3 nominees on eviction night.

Ronnie also tweeted an interesting theory:
HideMyAss.comTwo extremely different theories, but both are interesting as hell. Do you have a favourite theory or one you've come up with yourself? Let us know in the comments below or tweet me @Bmcooney 

BBUK 2014 Recap & What To Expect Tomorrow Night

BBUK 2014 had quite an interesting launch night. We met the first 10 Housemates, and have a few more to meet tomorrow night.

This season is being called #BBPowerTrip, but you knew that already. Looks like each week the public will vote in a "Power Housemate" who will have total control of the house. Spoilers are below, so if you haven't watched it yet, don't read past here.

My personal favourite HM's so far are Pauline, Chris, and Kimberly. However, that's just based off of first impressions, it will probably change quite quickly. I REALLY don't like Danielle though, fuck that bitch. Guh! Nope.

After we were introduced to all of the HM's the show went to commercial, and during the commercial viewers voted on who to give the first Power Trip to. Viewers chose Pauline, good call bitches! Exactly who I would have given it to.

Pauline was sent to the "Control Room", and was able to watch the other Housemate's VT's (Video Bios, basically) and from those, had to pick one HM to reward, and one to punish. She chose to reward Mark, and punish Matthew. Big Brother had each of them stand in a glass box. Mark was rewarded with £5,000 while Matt was raised up in his box and BB told him he had to stay there until told otherwise.

At the end of the show Emma stated that tomorrow night we will meet 6 more people, said that Pauline will be given another Power Trip, and her decision will alter the game forever.

However, during Live From the House, HM's stated there is only room for 5 more photos on the Memory Wall. These 3 things could foreshadow a couple scenarios.

My Guesses:

1. Pauline will be given the option to Evict one of the other 15 Housemates.
2. Emma only said we will MEET 6 more people. She did NOT say they were all moving in. Pauline may be told to watch their VT's again, and pick which 5 of the 6 are allowed to enter the house, sending the 6th one home, without becoming an actual Housemate.

This is pure speculation, but it would be an awesome twist, and has never been done before. Do you have any thoughts as to what we might see tomorrow? And who are your favourite / least favourite Housemates so far this year? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @Bmcooney on Twitter!