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BB18 Live Feed Workaround for Canada

Once again, Canada is being left out of feeds for BBUS. They don't want our colourful money? Give it to a good VPN that has more than 1 use (US Netflix!!!!). Here are the steps:

1) You need a VPN. I recommend https://www.hidemyass.com/vpn/r12130/ because it's safe, secure, easy, and they have great customer service. Select a USA server and hit "connect".

**Be careful with free or cheap VPNs as they often have security problems including viruses, spyware, malware, or they can open your system as a gateway for other people to use**

2) Buy an American Express gift card with at least $25 on it. You can spend the overage most anywhere. Here's a locator where to purchase: http://www.americanexpress.com/canada/en/giftcards

3) Use the Amex card to sign up for All Access with Hamsterwatch's link http://cbs-allaccess.7eer.net/c/130716/175360/3065 (or use your favorite BB site), and sign up using your name and email addy, and any USA address/city/zip - pick something from Google.

Set your VPN to US anytime you wanna watch and you're good to go!

Sharry Ash | Exit Interview

Proof you should get out of a toxic alliance before it destroys your game, Sharry was the second person evicted from Big Brother Canada 4.

She was BFF's with Loveita, and remaining loyal to her while she talked shit about everyone and threw her under the bus, ultimately led to her losing a chance at a $25,000 Brick gift card (and $100,000).

I had a chance today for a quick phone interview with Sharry, and had a few questions for her. Below is a mini podcast of that discussion so you can quickly take it all in with your interview-loving ears. She certainly seems like a super nice person, she was a lot of fun to talk to, but as we all know, nice does not win Big Brother.


Paige Distranski | Exit Interview

Someone always has to be the first to go. This time around it was Paige Distranski. She's not your typical first evictee, but this isn't your typical season of Big Brother Canada.

Below is a mini podcast of my interview with her this morning, and later you will also be able to find a transcript of the interview.

I had a chance to ask her about alliances we might now know about yet, who's really running shit, who we need to look out for, why she never campaigned to stay and her thoughts on how this international twist will stir things up, and who might not take it so well!

BBCAN4: International

Hey Everyone!

We finally have the big reveal for season 4 of Big Brother Canada and all true fans of the franchise are overwhelmed and excited.

For the first time ever, 1 male and 1 female from an international version of the show will be HGs on a separate version of the franchise. We're just extremely lucky that it's us. This is something fans have been asking for since the inception of Big Brother and it is FINALLY being done.

Check out the clips before and start doing your research. Get to know these guys and watch some of their seasons to hold you over for the next week!

The Options

Tim Dormer -
Former BBAU winner. He dominated the game and is probably one of the most exciting and fun people to ever play any version of the game. He was the fan favorite from Day 1 and went on to win the series. Here's a clip of some of his best moments:

Start Watching BBAU 2013 Here

Jase Wirey -
Jase was the first person to ever be backdoored on BBUS, at the time it was called the Six Finger Plan and was masterminded by Nakomis. He was later brought back for Big Brother All-Stars where he was also terrible and no one cared about him.Now he looks like the result of Axel Rose inbreeding with a close female cousin. Below is the only enjoyable clip I could find of him:

Nikki Grahame -
Nikki is probably one of the most notable BBUK contestants of all time. She's known for throwing fits and being a fucking hot mess. She was on BBUK 7, BBUK 16, Ultimate Big Brother, and had her  own spin-off show for one season called Princess Nikki. She could bring some serious feeds to BBCAN. Check her out:

Veronica Graf - 
One of the biggest stars of Italy's Big Brother franchise (Grande Fratello). She seems like a firecracker and it would be fun to see her stumble around the house having no idea what's going on. I couldn't find any interesting clips of her. I think regardless, Canada has already made up their minds.

Who are you voting for and why? Tweet me @Bmcooney!

BBCAN3: Kevin Exit Interview

What a crazy triple eviction! Due to unknown reasons, I was only able to interview Kevin this morning, but I was certainly able to get some interesting information, and ask a few solid questions!

You definitely seemed like someone who was very in tune with the game, and what was going on around you. Had you not gone home last night, what would your game plan for the next few weeks have been?

If I had survived the crazy twist last night, the plan was simple! Get closer to B and Sarah, Zach would have had my allegiance. We would have had to pick up a few competition wins because a big target at 7, get's bigger and bigger as people go down. I really would have had to enhance my relationship with B and Sarah, which I think I could have, I just didn't have any time cause of what happened!

Given everything you know, who do you think, out of the remaining players, are most likely to win and why?

Great question. So down to 7, I'm trying to look at it logically as always... Alright, so a lot of things happened last night. Bruno and Sarah, head-to-head, battled it out, even Zach is a big target! There's the couple of Pilar and Ashleigh now, I mean, there's targets everywhere, and who's not mentioned? Our boy Godfrey Mangwiza.

Godfrey Mangwiza came out of last night really, really well. And if I jumped in the future and heard this conversation at the start of the season I would think I was crazy. Cause Godfrey started the season so crazy, out of control, and spastic, these last four or five weeks he's really brought it down and has been playing super well.

So, if I had to place my bets, gimme Godfrey, I think he can win this game. As crazy as that sounds.

Given your love of the game, what kind of Jury member so you think you'll be, and what do you think you'll be basing your vote on?

Great question, again. The title, the reason I signed up for this show, and played this game as hard as I could, the title of "Big Brother Canada Champion" is something I take very seriously. Even more serious than the money. That title is valuable, it's something precious. So as a Jury member I get one vote as to where that title is going. I'm gonna have to look at this logically.

It's interesting you know? If Peeley made it to the final against someone who I think played a better game than her, it's gonna be tough! It's gonna be a heart vs mind concept. I really believe that this title is so precious, it needs to end up with a person who played meticulously, who played calculated, who really played the best game. So my vote? Is simply going to the best player.

I will also have interviews with Willow and Bobby, but they will be at a later date due to the aforementioned unforeseen circumstances!


BBCAN3 - Sindy's 2nd Exit Interview

 Well, it's that time of week again. Today was my second time speaking with Sindy on the phone this season, so I guess you could say it's getting pretty serious.

After getting a rare 2nd chance in the game, she came back, made a big move, and went right back out the next week. A for effort.

First impressions said that Sindy would be a ditzy princess with a grammar problem, but she turned out to be a comp beast who wasn't afraid to speak her mind and make some moves. Respect where respect is due.

Now that you've been evicted a second time, do you regret not taking the $10,000 in the vault? What was going through your mind? No one has ever come back successfully after being evicted, and won, did you think you had what it would take to be the first?

I really thought I had what it takes to be the first person to win. You have all of these dreams and hopes, and you're kinda like "Okay, I could possibly do this". I really thought after flipping the house I could have potentially had a chance of winning that.

In regards to the 10 grand in the vault, I would have NEVERRR took that. When that was an option I was like "No. This is not happening." I worked WAY too hard for me to get into the house and at that point I didn't even have the chance to make that big move yet. I'm not gonna give up and cop-out and take this 10 grand. I know it's a lot of money, but I wanna earn it and not just have it given to me as a prize to get out of the house.

You're now the 2nd member of the Jury, right after you sent Jordan out. I'm sure you're very excited to see him. What kind of juror do you think you'll be, or would you like to be? Will you be voting for the best player or for who you liked most? What do you think you'll base your decision on?

I'd like to think that from what you've seen on the show, that I am a game player, and I will never put my personal feelings as part of my decision. Even though I'm not a big fan of Bobby, if Bobby happens to make his way up to the very very end, and he's played a good game, and made some moves, I will definitely vote for him to win. BUT if he makes his way to end just by sliding through because everyone else was being.... ridiculous... then no, I'm not gonna vote for him.

Evicting Jordan out, hopefully proves that I'm willing to put my personal feelings aside. Obviously I did take into play who approached me when they knew I was on the block, who stayed true friends to me even though I was on there and I knew I was going home, and who would still try and talk game with me and try to work things out. So that will still be in consideration, but by the end of the day, game play and the best player, the BEST PLAYER, should be winning Big Brother. (It should have been me, but you really can't go back in time again).

Going into your eviction last night, it seemed like you most certainly knew your fate, it was no surprise. You said everyone had been playing with a stick up their butt. Why do you think it is that everyone seems so afraid to make any real moves in this game? A lot of big threats seem to be getting ignored and a lot of people are scared to vote against the house making for a LOT of unanimous votes.

Yeah! And it's very, VERY annoying, so I was glad I was able to make one big move going into the house. I think everyone is afraid cause they're afraid for someone else to mess up or make themselves stand out. All the big personalities are already out of the house.

When Naeha left, even though she didn't win any competitions, they knew she was a game player so they took her out. Greg was a very big personality and kind of a loose cannon, they took him out. Johnny, same thing, very loud, outspoken, they took him out. Then there was me as well. So they're just hoping that "If I don't do anything, someone else is gonna be the target just by chance".

Godfrey was gonna be that person because Godfrey is a very outspoken person as well who takes a lot of naps, and they wanted him out. I think not just a lot of big threats are being ignored, but a lot of the floaters are floating around. If these floaters are just gonna be floating around, they're gonna be like "Great! I'm gonna make it to the end. These people are just gonna kill themselves out so I don't have to do a single thing!".

I hope they start to think that it IS possible to go against the house, that it IS possible to play, and I hope they realize that there are 10 of them left, and there's only 4 weeks. STOP SITTING AROUND AND DO THINGS.



BBCAN3: Jordan Exit Interview

In the first shocking blindside of the season Jordan was evicted last night to a vote of 5-4. This morning I had to opportunity to ask Jordan some questions so we can try and figure out exactly why he made the move that sent him straight out the doors.

Jordan was wonderful to talk to, you can tell that he is okay with what happened, being a superfan he can appreciate what it was that sent him home.

What has your strategy been over the last few weeks, and how did it differ from your original plan when entering the house?

So my strategy for the last couple of weeks has been to ride the middle, so Zach and I have been working both sides of the house. We wanted them to believe that we are aligned with them so that they turn on each other and take them out, before they realized that we were the ones pulling the strings. What happened was, that Zach put me on the block and left me vulnerable. Everyone, I guess, compared notes and realized hey these guys are playing us for fools and voted me out. 

How it differed from my original strategy was, I didn't really want to have to play that kind of game so early on, but it kind of just fell into my lap. Zach was with the Chop Shop, I had relationships with Brittnee and Sarah, Kevin, and some other players in the house, so it just made sense to work together. We figured why not try and pin these people against each other and then we can sit back, eat popcorn, and watch the fireworks happen. 

You seemed fairly confident going into last nights eviction, did you have any idea that you were in danger, or did it come as a complete surprise? 

I was completely shocked, I had no idea! I thought for sure it was going to be a unanimous vote. Godfrey even came up to me and was like "Yo man, no hard feelings man. Yo I know I`m going home." I was like "Oh wow! Godfrey is so nice, I feel bad that we are sending him home. I wish he could stay" and sure enough I was the one going out the door. I was completely surprised and completely blindsided and that's pretty rare on Big Brother. You see that more on Survivor, but hey it happened and it was crazy. 
It's obvious coming out of the eviction that someone flipped on you, who do you think it was, and what do you believe their motive was for flipping? 

I think it was definitely Sarah who flipped on me, we had a Jason and Danielle alliance and it wasn't really my number one thing, where as I think she thought it was. Once she realized that I wasn't planning on keeping her as close as she was planning on keeping me, she decided "Screw it, let's get rid of him and she vote him out."

I believe that she flipped the house,. Her and Britnee probably went to Bruno and Bobby and said "Hey, the plan wasn't for Godfrey to go up this whole time, it was for one of you guys to get backdoored. Jordan and Zach have been coming after you for a couple of weeks." So I think that with that information she was able to swing the house and send me packing. 

- Interview Conducted By Kitiara Scott for BBCanadaInsider.com