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BBCAN3: Risha Exit Interview

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As you are all well aware by now, Risha was the first person (somehow) evicted from this season of Big Brother Canada.

This morning I had some time to speak with her over the phone, and took that opportunity to help us understand more about what's gone on in the game so far, and what we can expect in the next few weeks.

 Due to the fact that Risha is back in sequester, I was not able to mention anything about her competing against the next 4 evicted Houseguests, but could discuss the general possibility of her going back!

  1. Given your current knowledge of the game, what two people do you think are most likely to be evicted in the next few weeks and why?

    - Well right now I would say, coming up next would have to be Godfrey. He started the pact in the pantry during the PoV to keep whoever was nominated on the block to be evicted [For context here - The houseguests agreed that whoever was remaining on the block after PoV would be evicted, and the replacement would be safe]. What happened with that was he ended up going around and playing a lot of people (both sides). He was telling me he was gonna keep me, he was telling people to keep the pact, he was inconsistent with a lot of his stories that he told in the house.

    People started becoming apprehensive and questioning if he was actually telling the truth about himself and what he does for a living. He was really starting to put a target on his back, as well as he sleeps a lot in the house, and naps a lot.

    I knew, going up on the block, that next week he was gonna be put up, and in fact my strategy with a lot of people was basically that if he kept me they could put me up on the block as a pawn beside Godfrey and that way whoever had HoH next week wouldn't have to get any blood on their hands, no ones feelings would get hurt, it would be an easy eviction week and everyone in the house could just rest.

  2. What are the top 3 reasons you should be given the chance to go back into the house?

    - I mean I know there was a hot tub scene that was shown on TV, however, there's still a lot more to see of me. I have a lot more game left in me, and I feel like (as great as the twist was this season to start of with nobody being HoH) it really forced me into changing my strategy and I think that getting back in the house and teaming up with my boys Zack and Graig, and Sarah, I think that we could definitely do some damage, have a good time in the house and give the viewers some great television.

  3. Based off of your current observations, what are some of the potential alliances in the house that we should be looking out for?

    - For me personally, I felt that Willow was a threat and that she was starting an alliance among some of the younger Houseguests. Especially with the girls, with Pilar and Ashley. That was definitely something that was on my mind. Bobby seemed to be being swayed into that group, as was Kevin because both he and Willow are both really HUGE Big Brother Superfans, so I think that they know the game really well. They were all naturally kind of starting to form a group together.

    I also think that Naeha has definitely got some tricks up her sleeve. She's always thinking and always calculating. I would keep an eye out on her. I feel like she's sort of gonna be playing low-key, but she will definitely be putting out feelers and getting alliances started to position herself to be at an advantage.
We definitely received some interesting insight from Risha. It's always hard to figure out what's really going on in there with no Live feeds, and only two episodes to base opinions on. This seasons is going to be quite interesting!

Do any of these revelations surprise you?

BBCAN3: Premiere

Wow. It’s really hard to truly explain in words how blown away I was with the premiere episode of Big Brother Canada. The whole “secret agent spy” feeling throughout the intro had me on the edge of my seat and glued to my screen trying to pick up little hints on what the twists this season might be. To start with the war room is no more; we now have ‘The Vault’ in which house guests at different times will be permitted access. And in the intro they showed us a section of the floor in the have not room opening up and rising up on a platform to reveal a secret power! What could that power be? We don’t know, and we probably won’t for a while, but I’d like to guess that it is some sort of Diamond Power of Veto. We also found out that the house guests will be entering into an empty house with no furniture, no beds and I am so excited about this! The house guests have to earn their essentials in the house which is fantastic and will be fun for us to watch!

The house guest bios were great and gave us a better look at their personalities opposed to the small preseason interviews we have all watched. The bios however did seem a tad too short and rushed - it would be so much nicer if they spent a little extra time introducing the house guests that we are going to be spending the next 70 days with. This point in the episode is where Big Brother kicked into gear, giving the house guests what seems like minuets to get to know each other before calling them individually to the Diary Room to nominate two house guests each. Some fans either loved or hated this twist and felt it played too similar to Big Brother UK or Australia, however I really enjoyed them doing something different from outside of the Big Brother US format they tend to stay the closest too. Risha and Sindy (with a freaking S!) were the house guests with the most nomination points, and if that wasn’t enough Big Brother tossed us directly into a veto competition. The production value of this first competition alone was a HUGE step up from what we have seen from Big Brother Canada in the past, and it was amazing to see! It keeps me hopeful that this season is going to be filled with a bunch of great quality competitions. Sindy (yes, with an S!) won the veto and was able to take herself off the block and name her replacement, where she ultimately chose Pilar due to a lack of communication. Now it is up to Canada to decide who the first evictee is, but truthfully I can’t decide whether or not I’m okay with this twist. On the one hand it goes against strategy completely, as the house guests don’t have to push to try and earn votes or align with people to stay. However, on the other hand it’s only the first eviction there is no real “game” established, so if a twist like this is going to happen I am happy it’s the first week.

Overall I give the premiere a 7/10, I thought it was fantastic and much improved from the past seasons! The reason it isn’t perfect is due to the rushed nature of the episode… there was a TON to fit into only forty minutes. If the episode couldn’t be longer, it would have been nice to have seen the veto competition in the second episode. I understand that the twist required it all to happen right away but it just felt too fast and crazy to all happen at once.

Photo Credits: Big Brother Canada
I am very excited for this upcoming season of Big Brother Canada: we have a fantastic house, a very diverse cast and some crazy twists to look out for!

BBCAN3: The House Reveal

Season one we all thought the house was great, including the “Canada” theme which carried throughout the season. Season two we were given an entirely new house which was beautiful and exciting. The new layout was amazing; the whole house was reminiscent of Big Brother houses from around the world. This year they have blown us away with the steampunk redesign of season two house. From the incredible entrance door to the custom designed gear table the new Big Brother Canada house blows any Big Brother US house out of the water. 

Each room looks like a work of art starting with the amazing HOH room which looks like a luxury hotel room that is really worth winning the privilege to spend the week in. The main bathroom features brass sinks and a fantastic sitting area which makes a great place for strategizing for the future house guests. The main bedroom is serene decorated blue and white and makes it appear so comfortable and inviting, and it contrasts completely with this years Have Not room. This truly is the worst Have Not room from any season of Big Brother Canada or US; the room is an empty grey slab with bright vertical lighting. There are no beds, no furniture, and no comfort. The Have Not room is sure to push the losing house guests to their breaking point. 

The main cog and gear wall paper in the main parts of the house are a little busy and disorienting, same as the hallway to the Diary Room but those are the only negatives I can say overall about the house this year. 

I can’t wait to see how they work in the mystery war room into the house this year; as well I am looking forward to the design of the Memory Wall to see if they have switched it up from the last two previous years. 

Overall the house is truly amazing and we are lucky that Big Brother Canada puts such creativity into the design of the house. I am excited to see the house guests move in and inevitably make a huge mess of the place, let’s get season 3 started!

You can check out the behind the scenes tour of the house here, as well as more photos of the house here.

BBCAN3: In Depth Analysis of the First Six Houseguests

This is getting extremely predictable. Same people over and over again every year on BBCAN and BBUS. I don't get it. The following are the first six people you've seen before that are likely to be on your TV for a few weeks, then go home, get on Twitter and try to make careers out of Big Brother for a couple years until they realize they can't, and then get a job at Cinnabon.
Sarah's Image

Name: Anick / Christine

Occupation: Hemployee (Really?)

Hometown: Toronto

First Thoughts: Likely to teach people how to be one with themselves right out the door.

Bobby's Image

Name: Emmett / Jon

Occupation: Climbing Things

Hometown: Oakville

First Thoughts: Likely to find a girl to take them to the end, or at least most of the way to the end.

Zach's Image

Name: Rance / Dan [Drance]

Occupation: Learning Shit

Hometown: Regina

First Thoughts: Likely to do okay in competitions and then try to sell you a series of self-help books.

Ashleigh's Image

Name: Token Hot Girl

Occupation: Mackin Dudes for Money

Hometown: Calgary

First Thoughts: Likely to showmance her way to the end and get 2nd place by accident or go out pre-jury.

Jordan's Image

Name: The Geek w/ a Bowtie

Occupation: Mackin Dudes & Numbers

Hometown: Cloverdale

First Thoughts: Likely to try and mastermind things and be super entertaining in the DR and then totally forget a key element of his strategy and go to Jury.

Brittnee's Image

Name: No-Seriously-We-Don't-Only-Cast-Skinny-Hot-People

Occupation: Model

Hometown: Calgary

First Thoughts: Likely to be a really good friend who's funny and cleans the kitchen for votes while using that as an opportunity to eavesdrop on conversations and then go home.

BBCAN3 News and a Personal Update! 

Hey Guys! Long time, no talk!

Big Brother Canada 3 is premiering in 15 days on Global so it's time to start the speculation! In just over a week, ET Canada will begin a 3 night series revealing everything they can about the upcoming season, houseguests, twists and more. As soon as this information becomes available, you can bet your ass it'll be posted for all of you mildly attractive people!

A little update on my own end; About a month after last year's BBCAN finale I landed an amazing new job. I've quickly moved up the ranks and am extremely busy most of the time (hence my general absence from Twitter. I miss you all!!). I will definitely still be doing exit interviews with this years cast, but some things may change. I'm not sure how BBCanadaInsider LIVE! or BBFanChat will be affected as of yet, I will update as soon as I know more. You may also see some new faces helping me out with things, writing articles, and maybe doing an interview or two - but I will always be here, doing my thing, and getting you the answers to all of your burning questions!

In the mean time, how do you think this season will differ from last? What kind of twists would you like to see? Do you think we'll continue to improvise and do things that have never been done before and put our own twist on twists from around the world? Twisty twist twist twistwistwist.

Don't miss the big reveal on ET Canada, Monday March 16th or the premier of Big Brother Canada 3 on March 23!

BBFanChat Official Apology & Explination

Hello Twitter Followers, Neda, Jon, and Big Brother Canada!

As I am sure every one of you is aware, on Sunday night we had our usual episode of BBFanChat. Our guests were Kyle Shore of Season 2, and Janelle.

Prior to the show, yes of course I was aware controversial topics were going to come up, and it wasn't just going to be a chat about Big Brother 16, like it usually is. Did I expect it to be exactly what it ended up being? No.

To kick things off we had an unexpected guest, who was drunk and definitely said things he shouldn't have said. He knows he shouldn't have said them, and I know I should have dealt with it when it happened on the show, instead of laughing, brushing it off, and moving on. It's a lot more difficult to control when something's live. Regardless of my feelings towards any of the Houseguests, no one deserves to be defamed and belittled by anyone, and as it is my webshow, that is my responsibility, and I do greatly apologize for it.

As for the comments made by Kyle or Janelle, those are strictly their opinions, and they are responsible for those statements. Kyle is definitely someone I consider a friend, he had things he wanted to say, and I had a platform it could be said on. That being said, it WAS my platform, so I must accept some responsibility for the show itself.

I can address my own statements. I definitely made statements claiming that I didn't like Neda's Houseguest Hangout. I don't. I find it bland, and boring. That is just my personal opinion. People watch it, that's fine. I don't, again, personal opinion. I'm sorry if that's offensive.

I also stated my distaste for Neda regarding standing me up and ignoring my requests to do an episode of my show. I was definitely pissed off and bitter about it. Those of you saying that on twitter, would be correct. I was a huge Neda supporter the entire game. She was a super fan, she knew her shit about the show, and she was one of us, from Twitter. That doesnt happen often.

Then I meet her, I interview her, she shouts me out, says hi, that she follows me, watches my show, and would love to be on it. As a Neda fan, and Big Brother fan, that was a huge fangirl moment for me. It meant the world. I said on twitter I had spoken to her about it, and it would be happening. Then I tried to actually set it up a number of times, and was ignored, and let down.

It was disappointing for me, and for my followers. To be such a huge supporter of someone, to get that recognition from someone who just got out of the house, and then be ignored was a HUGE let down, and bugged me a lot. Regardless of how many Houseguests I meet or get know, interview, or chat with on my show, I'm still a fan like you guys at heart, and it bugged me.

That being said, in turn, I got caught up in the heat of the conversation, and took that anger out on a forum I shouldn't have. I said things I shouldn't have said, and I don't know how else to apologize.

This is not a cop-out, this is not me being "asshole' me on twitter or my shows, this is just me being straight up and real with you. Not Bmcooney, the BB fan with a website, just straight up me.

Anyone who says they've never been pissed off and lashed out out of bitterness or anger is lying, we've all been there, mine was just in a public forum, which makes it worse. Sometimes it's easy to forget that there's a lot of people watching you get pissed off, and a lot of people who are gonna talk about it, not an excuse, it still should not have happened.

Do I expect any single one of you to just sweep it under the rug, and pretend like it's all cool? Nope. What's done is done, people will hate me for it, and probably hate me for writing this too, but that's fine. I will continue to do WebShows, and I will continue to blog about Big Brother Canada, and I hope that eventually you will be there to enjoy Season 3 with me, and Big Brother Canada will allow me to continue my Houseguest Interviews.

For those wondering, at the request of a number of people, the video has been taken off of Youtube.

If you read all this without rolling your eyes and closing it, thanks!